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Shibuya and Marunouchi #TokyoDiaries

As part of my Summer Goals, I put no. 3 into effect, two Saturdays ago.

06 June 2015, Saturday
The famous
Shibuya Crossing. 

Made famous (in my era) by Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. Love the movie by the way.

It was my first time in 5 years to be there again. That famous Starbucks looking down the crossing is always full of customers so I did not bother going in. I decided to explore non-mainstream cafes from then on.
I strolled around the many shops but surprisingly nothing piqued my interest (except for a CdG wallet which I have been wanting to have because I need an extra smaller wallet for my small cross-body bag).  Yes, as I said, I was glad that nothing interested me.

In my quest for non-mainstream cafe, I found one inside Shibuya Loft. 

Shibuya City Lounge. I was too shy to take photos of its interior but I tell you it is chic. High ceiling, natural light, and wood interiors. Food was nothing special but my book-reading experience was nice. Or maybe I can easily shut off the world when engrossed with a book. 

13 June 2015
Tokyo Station. Marunouchi area

Always my favorite. It connects to every line around Tokyo Metropolitan area. Its detailed history is yet for me to discover. I've seen old photos and was said to have a striking resemblance of Amsterdam Centraal Station. I'd like to read more. Actually, the history of Japan is one of the things I'm interested in learning.

I like walking around Marunouchi area because it is the seat of Japan's government (note to self: take a photo of The Diet Building), shops and cafe are many, streets are wide and benches are many to where I can sit and go on with my book-reading whenever my feet are too tired to proceed. And if you walk farther left of Tokyo station south exit, you'll be led to Ginza. You know you've reached Ginza once the road gets narrower.

Interior ceiling of Tokyo station.

Had lunch at Rose Bakery located inside Comme des Garcon in Marunouchi.

Vegetable and Salmon tart with salad and Apple + Carrot juice.

Finally bought a CdG wallet perfect as a weekend wallet to go with my small crossbody bag.

My outfit for that day. Everything I wore are old stuff. Shirt and pants were bought in 2009 or 2010, the MbMJ Natasha bag was bought in 2012, and the black Saltwater sandals were bought last year in Cebu.

 That's why I vowed not to buy a lot of clothes for Summer because I still have a lot to survive the season.
I think it has to do with four seasons. In a four seasons country, granted you're not fashion conscious like me, your Summer clothes tend to last longer and stay durable because one gets to wear it for a span of two months maximum, not whole year round (as in the case of tropical countries like Philippines). 

Good that I don't easily get swayed by fast fashion because I always opt for the classic (a.k.a boring) clothing. I'd love to throw more colors and crazy prints into my wardrobe but as per experience, it tends to end up in storage for a longer time. In office, I always go for classic look: white oxford shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of flat shoes (mannish as one officemate commented). I told her that I don't want to spend too much time thinking what to wear for work.

Next in my list:
Akihabara Last time was five years ago. Someone recommended me to try any maid cafe. Girls in French maid costumes serve you and will sit next to you while you talk. I know, there's a lot of funny services here in Japan. T will probably like it there, LOL. Not a priority though.

Asakusa It reminds me of what Japan looked like in the 80s. There's a lot of old establishments and shops there.

Ginza. For the reason of watching a Kabuki performance. I have been meaning to watch. 

MoMA in Omotesando. We were lucky to have been there twice last year. Amber was so young at that time. 

Museums, museums and more museums. Tokyo holds a lot of exhibits from international artists. Local museums are many too, this will expand my little history knowledge about this country. One I hope to see, though not from here, is an exhibit of Terracotta Army someday. I know it looks bleak knowing the political situation between these countries but for art, let it happen.

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