Sunday, March 08, 2015

An hour ahead of Her

So, I've been living alone and away from Amber for three weeks now. It's not easy but I am getting by everyday -- well, mostly thanks to my work. Work's been giving me a sort of a way at fighting Amber-sickness. I get to see and talk to her at night via Facetime or Skype just before her bedtime and before my late dinner. I know, I am becoming the person whom I earlier detest. This is the choice I choose. I am away from her but she is always in my heart.

This blog, my platform of whatever, was born in 2007. I was thinking of putting it on hiatus until it fades away from existence. But I decided against it, for now I guess. Life goes on. I will write about Japan, Amber and everything in between whenever my time and senses permit. And I'll take a life/work balance approach because completely surrendering myself to work will not help my health and being. 

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