Monday, October 13, 2014


My daughter wearing Adidas track suit. Quick flashback: I bought those for her while she was still 5 months in my belly. Two years after, the pants fit her. The jacket has been worn by her since 1 year old.

Probably the last time I'll be wearing sandals this year for Autumn is slowly setting in.

It's our first time to be at this side of Odaiba Beach as we always frequent that side near the miniature version of Liberty. This side was renovated a few years ago to achieve a more beach-y environment by filling sand on the once more rocky seabed. 

We like Odaiba because the place is family oriented. Malls are many that tempt us to empty out our pockets which is inevitably the case. The view is amazing, day and night (Tokyo Tower can be seen from the beach). There are even museums that are adjacent to one another which would allow visitors having limited time to fit in one day itinerary. It's quite popular among locals and foreign tourists because the place has so much to offer.

People queuing for Takoyaki at Takoyaki Museum.

In March this year, with Lady Gaga at Madame Tussauds Tokyo

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo. Amber looking at a Luchador

This is the view from the ferris wheel at Venus Fort (another mall a little far from the beach).

We were there over the weekend to check out Trick Art Museum but unfortunately failed because the queue was long. That's why we end up hanging out by the beach. 

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