Thursday, September 04, 2014

Summer 2014

1.) The wall project has been updated. After a year and a couple of frames later, this is now how it looks like (see inset photo). Still I'm planning on filling this wall with more photos. The problem is finding those perfect, wall-worthy photos. Though I have lot, choosing the right ones is not easy.
2.) The white silk blouse. I have two and been wearing every week. If not those, any silk or cotton blouse will do. I own a black with white polka dot blouse that i bought from American Eagle Outfitters. Design wise, i love it because it hangs loosely without the risk of looking frumpy. The downside is that it is made of 100% polyester, so it easily absorbs heat and keeps me all too warm.
My default summer office uniform: silk blouse - Uniqlo, black pants - Gap and footwear - Minnetonka. 

3.) I love Saltwater sandals! It all started from reading too many blogs gushing on how comfortable and pretty these sandals are. I came accross a blog that these are available at Moma in Cebu. So when I went to Cebu for two weeks, the first day was spent there. I purchased a red pair, then yellow and black. The reviews were right. I could not wait to buy more colors!
Of course, my little has her own golden pair.
4.) Book reading finally came back from hiatus. This summer alone, with my perennial busy schedule, I managed to find time for my books. My mini break in Cebu revived the hobby and now, I try to juggle books and movies every night (depending on my mood). As for movies, I rent DVDs from Tsutaya. Lately fond of watching movies released in the 80's and 90's.

Summer 2014 was not bad. Or maybe as i grow older, my idea of Summer is getting blah. Nonetheless, I'm cool with it. I do hope to insert 'travel' (other than Cebu as destination) someday. 

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