Friday, November 16, 2012

Amber at 7 months

Today is her 7th month birthday! It has become our practice to celebrate Amber's monthly birthday. On the 16th of each month, T would buy a cake and pretend to let Amber blow the candles (yes, we light candles and actually either one of us blows them).
Photo taken two weeks ago. I didn't have time to take a recent pic of her in complete outfit and all =P
Since her 6th month, Amber eats solid foods twice a day. She is not choosy so I spoil her to whatever flavors of bottled baby foods available in the grocery. Sometimes I prepare mashed banana for her (as this is less costly). I tried mashed potatoes, squash and carrots but they take longer to prepare since it will require boiling them to become tender.  

I no longer breastfeed Amber. I know it ended too soon (she was a week away from five months). I'm not proud of it. It started sometime in August when I was diagnosed with Hives (Urticaria), an allergic reaction to food (in my case, chili pepper flakes). The doctor prescribed me medication for a week so I stopped breastfeeding her during that period. When I became well, I started feeding her again with breast milk but I could no longer produce milk as much as I used to. That marked the end of my breastfeeding. 

I would have wanted to breastfeed her 'til she herself weans from it.

The only serious sickness she suffered thus far was Gastroenteritis. It happened a month ago. We had to rush her to the hospital at that time because she was suffering from diarrhea and vomits her milk and food immediately after feeding. She lost some weight that looking at her I couldn't help but partly blame myself. It could have been prevented have I breastfed her still. She went through it for a week and heaven knows how stressful was that for us and her. After recovering from that, her appetite was getting bigger so I have increased her milk from 160ml to 200ml. She then immediately gained back the lost weight. 

All's well that ends well, I guess. She is a happy and healthy baby. That's all I really want for her.


Sharina said...

Im so glad she recovered from gastroenteritis. That was such a painful situation for a baby :( I hope she becomes healthy all the way from now on!

Shes so pretty and cute btw!

The Misty Mom

Nashe^ said...

Cheers to a healthy Amber! Not too long now til her 1st birthday!

Jason said...

She's sooo cute!!! That picture made my morning! :-D