Tuesday, October 16, 2012

around Seoul

That Sunday, we finally took Amber to Seoul. We live in Anyang City -- approximately an hour away by train to Seoul proper. Since Amber will turn six months a few days from that Sunday, we've decided that our little one is ready for long train rides.

The weather being all sunny, save for the temperature of 19degC, was bearable. Amber, all wrapped up, seemed to enjoy sightseeing contrary to our belief that she'll easily get bored and sleep the entire time. Though she slept the whole time while in the train, she was wide awake by the time we arrived at our stop.  (I totally understood her for there's not much to see in the subway, anyway.)

On the left: the old Seoul City Hall and and at its back, the new Seoul City Hall building.

The old Seoul City Hall building is now a public library.

And here's the mandatory outfit shot: 

Top: Uniqlo, chinos: Gap, shoes: Vans, bag: Longchamp

After a lot of walking, we took a break at Caffe Pascucci.

Sejong the Great. 

He was the fourth king of Joseon Dynasty and founder of Korea's written language, the Hangul.

The ceiling of Gwanghwamun. The main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Spotted soon-to-be K-Pop Girl group. hehe

Amber. Overwhelmed by her surroundings.

Children's artworks at King Sejong museum. 

Autumn is setting soon so we try to spend the last remaining days of bearable temperature outdoors. Korea winter is looooonnng and the temperature drops at negative degrees -- at that setting, the only option is to stay indoors.


Samantha Justine Zamora said...

man that looked appetizing -____-


Pop Champagne said...

lovely travel photos, I've never been to korea before but I would love to, and haha ya here the temperature drops to -25 in winter, it sucks!

Nashe^ said...

Seoul has never been a place I wanted to visit until 2010, now I'm wondering why!

(I was supposed to go for a Korean winter holiday with my aunt last year but decided to keep my money for Paris instead. dang my broke existence!)

Pretty/Ugly said...

Amber is a sweetiepie! <3

I'd love to see Seoul again. I was there almost a decade ago. It must have changed a lot.

Pretty/Ugly said...

Amber is a sweetiepie! <3

I'd love to see Seoul again. I was there almost a decade ago. It must have changed a lot.

Shari said...

Beautiful photos of Korea!! :) I def am putting it on top my next travel list! :)
Your baby Amber is so pretty!!

new follower here!

The Misty Mom

Timeless Confection said...

i haven't been to seoul and i'm raring to go... amber is the cutest! that cafe you went to, i think it was featured in the korean drama stairway to heaven or was it another drama...hihihi

just followed you...