Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi Seoul

I no longer belong to the unemployed! I was aware, way back September, that my being 'bum' was just temporary because that Summer, other than getting to know Ulsan better, I was busy sending my resumes to prospective employers. In the age of FB and Twitter, most people tend to announce good news in their status messages for the world to know. In my case, I did post, the same day I received the good news, disguised as a video (Good Life by OneRepublic) on my FB wall.

I am now in Seoul, working for an engineering company. According to our industry standards, and to the locals here, company is prominent.

Winter is awful . Outside is snowing at -2degC.

Seoul is no stranger to me. It was not love at first sight (considering I was partial to Tokyo before) but in time, I'll learn to love her.

My only concern is up North. Though I have complete faith on this country's military capabilities, I can't keep myslef from thinking of the alarming possibilities. But judging from the locals around me, not a trace of worry is evident. They (locals) are probably so used to North's threats, after all those years, it bothers them no more.


Nashe^ said...

I like that positive attitude. Haha. Good for you! Hope the North Korea stuff don't go any further than what it is!

The Demigoddess said...

Wow! So new job, Seoul and hubby. What else can you ask for this Christmas? The North Koreans are a threat but I'm sure evacuations will take place way before something horrible happens. I know. I'm just very optimistic. LOL. Happy Christmas!

amor said...

thanks girls! Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011 to you both =)

shiera said...

wahhh suya ko! Congrats! nana diay ka diha...

hayyy when pa kaha ko maka anha ug korea :(

Happy New Year!

amor said...

shiera, thanks. Happy New Year, too!