Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Someone is making history

I am appalled with the recent events that shook my country. Nature's wrath last September left a lot of people homeless and distressed; the recent Maguindanao massacre that contributed much to Philippines ranking (next to Iraq) as a dangerous country for journalists; and of course, Madame President's announcement of her intention for a seat in Congress.

To be fair though, in between those, good news managed to surface: (Pacman and Efren Penaflorida's victories.) Their victories, especially Efren's, were a breath of fresh air from all the politics that are constantly reigning the headlines.

To turn a blind eye on the issues is tolerating the sad state of our government. One need not participate in rallies or an expert on politics just to air out an opinion. Awareness does help. I hope that people will learn the lessons of the past by not putting those corrupt people (or any of its cohorts) to office. This doesn't even sound as something new for an advice. We should know this just the same way we know our favorite color.

I sometimes think that the palace is cursed, that whoever resides awakens the inner evil in them. I know this is close to stupid superstitious belief. It's just that I can't help noting the trend. Or they could be evil incarnates all along, putting on a mask to deceive the public.


Nashe^ said...

Yeah it was really sad. How can the Philippines achieve progress if they have such monstrous people? It's crazy. I feel so sad for the victims' families.

(btw the word verification below is "boatin". haha!)

Whia said...

i agree.. it is cursed... sometimes, i think the phil is a hopeless case after all. i am about to lose hope...tsktsk.

glad to see a fellow pinay here.

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