Thursday, December 10, 2009

renshuu shimasu







Above is what one would hear when I’m asked about Monday-Friday routine. =P

Regarding my Nihonggo, I STILL need a lot of improvement, especially with my speaking skills. As a listener, my hearing skills vary considerably. Meaning, it depends on the manner and speed the speaker is using. Some tend to speak rapidly that I could not quite make out any word that sounds familiar.

In time, I’ll catch up. *crosses fingers*

Since my Japanese lunchmates knew about my willingness to learn their language. They would modulate their manner of speaking, therefore, allowing me to understand each word. They are very encouraging and patient towards my queries about vocabulary and grammar, which were never left unanswered. Bless them.

In my dire need to practice, I would often eavesdrop at random strangers talking beside me in the bus. Even in the office, I sometimes try to comprehend the conversation of my two seatmates (I know it’s rude but can you blame me?? It’s impossible not to hear them, anyway). So far, their conversations are work-related.


Nashe^ said...

hahahahahha I know what you mean... I love eavesdropping on French tourists! =P

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

This is a good review of my Nihongo! :D I do miss eavesdropping on the Japanese. But in Osaka, I find it hard to identify whether they're using the standard Nihongo or Kansai-ben *_*

amor said...

@Nashe, Thank Universe I found another who also eavesdrops for the right reason, lol.

@Shiera, As far as I know they have differences in accent (among others). Not only with them but also to other parts outside Tokyo. Hmmm..I will try asking my officemates about this..