Friday, June 12, 2009

Back with Jeans Friday

Since joining 'this' company, I have completely banned wearing jeans on working days --- until today. I have decided to revive my self-imposed rule to include denim jeans in 'Casual Friday' after having seen a few officemates wearing jeans for two consecutive Fridays.

Another reason is the weather. Now that the temperature is getting higher each day, I am more tempted of wearing that requires no tucking in. We don't have office uniform nor management policy says about 'suiting up!' but my conscience dictates the necessity to wear something formal (Though last winter, my preferred tops were nothing close to formal --- collarless black tops or most often, long-sleeve stripes shirts =P). Since spring, my default office attire consists of black pants and long-sleeves. Mind you, I don't wear the latter as is; I roll them (the sleeves) twice or else I'll end up looking like 'one of the guys'.

currently wearing: black tunic shirt from H&M and skinny jeans from GAP.
looking forward: To (finish) reading that 'Tuscan (...)' book, and another trip on July.

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Nashe^ said...

Haha. I never really thought about what to wear to work since I've never had a job before. Should be so fun planning. (I HOPE) LOL