Monday, June 22, 2009

Books I've read in the 90s

Foreword: The books mentioned below were, clearly, not published in the 90s. This is all about the books I have read during that period (edit: except for Wuthering Heights)

I have lost count the number of books I have already read and forgot most of their plots, too. In HS, most of the books I’ve read are from the library. I would usually open a fiction book or read the local magazine (MOD or Women’s) rather than doing an assignment or making research while there.

Library’s policy was: one person is allowed to borrow two books at a time, and considering the competition in book-borrowing, I would hide the soon-to-be-borrowed books at ‘special shelves’ (read: above the magazine-archives. It’s at the deepest end of the library and since that area looks gloomy and dusty, nobody dares hanging around there. I, an asthmatic, was brave enough). This tactic of mine probably made any working-student (in the library) go nuts because I don’t normally return those books at their assigned shelf =P. I have a feeling that they would’ve wished for me to just leave the book on the table rather than what I have done. So immature, I know.

Not a fan of Barbara Cartland
My mother is fond of damsels in distress and princes. Other than Shakespeare and Greek Mythology, she enjoys BC’s books. I tried reading my mother’s BC collection in HS, but it left me bored. Got nothing out of it and left them unfinished. She had Mills & Boons, too. I think, the timing was all wrong. I could’ve read those novels a few years after and love it. But now, I’ll just pass. Nothing is interesting for me when all there is --- is romance. I want revenge, mystery, sarcasm and death.

First Taste of Love Story.
With all those teen love story novels, the one that I would be so willing to bring with me in my grave is ‘P.S. I Love You’, of Sweet Dreams series (I think it was the first book of the series). Please don’t confuse it with Cecelia Ahern’s. It was written by Barbara Conklin (based on my research). The story is about a young girl's first love while spending vacation at Palm Springs, CA. Boy, did I cry. I was 13. And the main girl character’s name is Mariah. The other Sweet Dreams and Love Stories series failed to give a lasting impression. They were so-so.

The Wakefields.
I love Jessica’s carefree attitude but Elizabeth’s good girl & nerdy character made me love more. I like that they are soo identical yet soo different and supportive of each other. I enjoyed the SV twins series more compared to the estrogen-testosterone filled SV High. SVH came first basing on how 80s the cover drawings look like, I think. And again, blame it on timing. As a 13 y/o in the 90s, the Wakefields as 12 y/o in SVT were wayyy relatable.

Nancy Drew, Teen Detective
Remembering the 90s cover, it still baffles me how old an 18 y/o could look like…and the fact that she is a detective. In all of her pursuits, I can’t remember anything special so as to leave an imprint in my memory.

Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steel.
For the former, my favorite was ‘The Sands of Time’. The story revolves around four nuns in Spain. I remember that one of them was actually incognito so a lot of chasing was involved. I also like ‘Master of the Game’ (a page-turner!)

For the latter author, most of her work are boring *yawn*. If I were to pick which of her work that was unforgettable for me, it would be ‘Crossings’ -- a love story, set in WW2.

As one of my summer read (edit: yr 2002) I bought ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. The archaic writing drove me nuts, as well as that particular senile character who pronounced the words incoherently (as implied in text..and i forgot his name). I hate that it was sooo full of revenge. The way the setting is narrated sounds gloomy and depressing. But I realized years later that it’s good that it didn’t end like the ones in fairytales.

The Unavoidable --- Compulsory Reading

Greek Mythology. In 4th yr HS, it was a requirement. Once a week, we would discuss the ever-dramatic lives of Zeus with his cohorts of gods and goddesses, and how they cope up with boredom --- by waging war in Troy. Since my mother was a fan, I would just ask her synopsis even after reading The Iliad and Odyssey.

Rizal’s famous novels, ‘Noli me Tangere’ (Don’t Touch me) and ‘El Filibusterismo’ (The Filibustering). As if the HS curriculum wasn’t enough. CHED required students to take ‘Rizal’ as minor subject.

Reward from Teacher Ms. N.
*wide proud grin*

Great Expectations
I received a mini-book (abridged version) from my teacher after getting a flat 1.0 in Literature midterms. It made me happy and she became one of my favorite teachers in the university because of it, lol. I wonder where she is now…and where I kept that book.


The Demigoddess said...

I loved the Sweet Valley Twins. Back in grade school, we would trade books..It was so much fun! And we adopted some of the habits and expressions of the Wakefields. I always liked to be Jessica but I guess my personality back in grade school was more Elizabeth-ish.

Casey McGill said...

I was a HUGE sweet valley fan. Still have like 30 of them boxed away. They're fun to pick through even now and again. Kudos for the sneaky strategy!

Shyn said...

hi, i have an award for you in my blog :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Nancy Drew? lols...My mom collected all those mystery books like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys... hehehehe...I'd have to say, I love Sydney Sheldon. Her books are awesome.

Nashe^ said...

I still have all my SV books! XD