Sunday, March 08, 2009

brat wants 3/19

After nine months of non-stop working, I really need to get some break. With wishlist no.7 at hand (finally), putting it into effect is keeping me excited --> raking my brain for those long-buried plans, shopping list, and foods-to-eat..ahhhh, it's just endless.

Last rainy Friday morning, I took steps into my much-awaited and well-deserved break into reality --> process my visa application for KR. It only took me less than 30 mins to have all done. I'm impressed. Now, all I have to do is wait for 2 days to get it.

Rants, coming.....

(KR consulate's swift processing is impressive. A complete opposite to my own country's consular services, which will take forever! It will send any sane person's patience elsewhere)

Not an exaggeration. Believe me, it took me four months to get hold of my new passport. The embassy's online document tracking is ***king useless! By the time I got my passpport and after telling T, he immediately looked it up at PI embassy's site to check the status. (I know, it's no longer necessary but we just wanted to test its reliability). As what we expected (not surprising), the status of my passport is still "in process". To think I recently have it with me and the issuance date, as per first page, is Nov. (Yes, NOVEMBER and I finally got it last month!).

(Tsk, gone wasted for a useless domain)

Moving back to the topic...

Since I'm planning to go there sometime third week this month, my worries are mounting, starting with not getting my desired flight. It's crazy because with so many (daily) flights on-going from JP to KR vice versa, I could not even get any (No-red eye flight, please). Even the expensive ones, weekends and 3/20 (a holiday), are fully-reserved or booked. Not that those happen to be my desired schedules. I want 3/19!

('desired date' defined as cheap fare, and a day before weekend. In this case, before a holiday.)

Second to my main worry, my agent told me that I'll be shifting to another project (the U-project I've been raving for the past months) effective 3/16. Will this be another for the false alarm files? For now, I hope(?!)

Before 2008 ended, part of higher management plans for me is a new assignment effective first week of February. That didn't materialize for unknown reasons. So it was postponed to 3/2. It was disappointing but at same the time, having felt that the dwindling activities in my department as a sign, I was getting positive that 3/2 is finally 'it'. Until days prior to February ended, they postponed it to 3/16. As of the present, no information was given to me whether it will be postponed or not. After all the deferment of effective date, it won't be surprising to hear it next week.

Anyway, granted that 3/16 is it, I will be going against ethics if I do take a break on 3/19 (plus nine days). I could only hope that the new boss, who still remain nameless, will allow me. In fact, I want to meet him, personally, next week or yet hear from the grapevine of his character.

Who knows, 3/16 will be another for the false alarms. If that happens, it would be easier to handle. I mean, my current project mates are aware that I have been longing for a break since December, and certainly, they can't say 'no' to my early Spring break. Unless my travel agent says 'no available seats'.

I am pretty aware that there are loads of other dates in the calendar but this is the best date..yet. It has nothing to do with the zodiac or the alignment of celestial objects above. It's just that my plans for a way longer break on May is in works (lol), and I have decided to slave all April.


The Demigoddess said...

Kr-Korea? So you're gonna see T? Awesome! But if you do get to move to another project by the 16th, telling your new boss that you will take a vacay in a few days may be tricky.

Good luck!

Casey McGill said...

SO LUCKY! I miss Korea so much! I hope that your passport comes in in time for you to go. Go eat some jajangmyun and yummy dok bokgi from a street vender for me!

Cheryl said...


Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the 4 walls of my workplace.

amor said...

@angel, yes! finally, I'll be visiting him.

@casey, Haven't heard those (of course!), and I'm willing to try (this time) for the sake of experience.

@cheryl, If not for my passport problems, I would've been there last Dec.