Friday, September 05, 2008

day off! gone to Chiba

Supposedly, T and I were to invade Sea Paradise (in Yokohama). However, he's (still) having this bad case of runny nose, sore throat and fever =(.

But then again, not even the above mentioned stopped our feet from roaming around. With his condition, we decided to tour Chiba City since we haven't been around there much (considering its proximity to where my apartment is, lol).
First stop: Chiba Castle.
It's not really the typical old castle but a replicate of a then castle. Inside is a museum where visitors can see relics, samurai costumes, and old photo exhibits (as if narrating the city's evolution). Too bad, everything is written in Kanji or Hiragana.

Last stop: Chiba City Museum of Scien
ce (in Q-ball Bldg)
Everything is interactive! The museum has four floors.

7F - Planetarium. T and I both fell asleep. Especially with the reclined chairs, the idea of sleeping was tempting, lol! We were bit tired, and the narration was in Nihonggo..but kudos to the presentation though!

8F Wonder Town. To quote the brochure: "Scientifically examine the wonders of sight, sound, light and quantity."

9F Techno Town. Everything about applied science that is basically, making everyday-life more convenient. 

10F Geo Town. Everything about nature, life, and space.

Sea Paradise would have to be postponed tomorrow.

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