Sunday, August 17, 2008

these boots are made for walking

*sigh* Just when I thought i can wait a couple of weeks to purchase that chocolate-brown boots I saw at Washington (a shoe store); I failed. Again, what do you expect from me?? I just know that I should buy it before it runs out-of-stock than regret not doing so.
Funny back-story: It took me three visits (on different dates) to fit them. Like constantly persuading myself that it looks good, quality-wise. I could feel that the male sales-attendant found me amusing bec. I kept asking to fit the said pair and end up not buying them, lol!

So (on the fourth visit) I bought them and even if its usage looks bleak in the future, I am positive that I'll be using them still.

Again, I can't wait to strut in it. lol

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