Tuesday, August 12, 2008

si maliit

That afternoon, 'the boss' ushered me to follow him for a little chat. I was expecting a discussion (since he's fond of doing it in spite of his busy schedule) about the work he asked me to do that morning (which had me slightly exasperated bec. i had a weekly report to update, plus T nagging about the bank statement, lol!). The annoyed me cracked a little smile when he said that effective next month, he will be working at jobsite (in Thailand). I then asked if it's for good, and he said until the project is finished. Then my smile went full force, lol!

And since my contract will expire next month, i gave hints about possibility of me being assigned for a NEW project (for my current is ALMOST finished). He said that my contract will be extended until December for the current project, and there's no way I'll be assigned to another project until he says so. Argghh! I was hoping for a new project (or any other project in its early stages). Really.

I then joked him, "So, I'm a (insert: name of my current project) prisoner?!" He laughed.

It goes without saying that I am happy that he'll not be around to heat up the pressure. He's not really that Bad though; he's just hard to please. If he says nothing, it only means you're doing right. If he calls you, expect some 'moments'. According to one officemate, no one is spared from the 'moments'; it's just a matter of getting used to it, lol!

I remember telling T how I enjoy working under pressure. Well, I am now living that dream este nightmare, lol!

One good thing about his effect on me is that I have completely gone internet-less (with the exception of gtalk since that's the only means of communication with T). See, I'm a model employee..lol!

Maliit (in English: small, tiny or petite). Primarily because of his height and physique. That's our codename to him.

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