Monday, March 03, 2008

citizen rant

…there are just too many things that are trying to buy my focus…which, by the way, is impossible; but nothing ever topped the current drama in Philippine politics.

With the on-going political stigma (now, with an almost the same twist and almost the same call) that’s been streaming headlines, making it improbable for any individual not to be bothered by it; this only worsens the fact that whatever progress I, if not most of us, imagined or hoped is far unreachable *big sigh dismay*.

What’s with rich public officials anyway? They eat more compared to the rest. They had more than enough yet they still want more, and worse is that they acquire wealth by dishonorable means. I don’t know if they are ever unfazed by controversies or are they just plain audacious to commit wrong deeds?

Greed. It is most likely that someone, having the knowledge, was not fairly paid, thus, the shocking revelation to the public. Almost the same story, only different cast…If only they divide the kickbacks equally, then the deal would have been sealed, leaving our country with STILL more enormous debts while the 'involved' are busy globe-trotting or simply enjoying the g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s lifestyle. YET in all circumstances, no misdeed will be left untraceable. Some person, out of conscience perhaps, will eventually speak out and no matter how little leak is that, media is capable of making a mountain out of an anthill; knowing public’s interest over political scrutiny.

This, however, bothered me more: Did she give pardon to her predecessor because she knew that danger was imminent; thus, allowing her to enjoy the same special treatment should she face the same fate? or trying to save face inspite of the still-hot controversies surrounding her better half? Very clever.

We (Filipinos) are tired..
we damn deserve good governance!

someday, i’ll die never knowing my country achieving 1st world status.
I used to be a fan. Tsk tsk.


Anonymous said...

hey agree with you, we would leave and die in this world not making our country a better place for our children

read my friend's post:


klitshy said...

sigbin recommended this post and i never hesitated to land here. i love the punch of your words. i am happy too, that even if you are there, you still have this burning love for our mother land.

once, i have chosen apathy coz i got tired of getting involved. but these senakulo in our gov't now is sooooo sickening.

i have to agree with your final analysis with pgma's slimy thinking.

i really really wish that this darkness would ebb. and that more and more people will grow love for our country.

sorry for the outburst :)

but yeah, i love the philippines and a part of me is grinning because hell yeah, i never voted for HER and the other HIM before her.