Tuesday, March 25, 2008

always a work-in-progress

Workload seem endless as the days are dragging nearer to my another 'coveted' day, and these pile of files are going nowhere but here on my desk. Not until our "Head" told me that the only change I'll be having effective mid-April will be the workplace. Meaning, these junk are stuck with me forever.

Not bad. It's better than zilch!

Early this year, I was preparing myself to the harsh reality of starting anew with nothing. Imagine staring at nowhere, mind drifting to another world (but 100% sane), contemplating on what food to eat for lunch, waiting for 5:30 and sit pretty then getting paid for doing so -----> is not my style. So when our "heads" informed us about their plan, I was in pure joy and felt relief. At least, having something to muse over will make my mind rust-free. Seriously, it's more of giving satisfaction to myself. I feel euphoria in work for doing something that generates achievement. I guess, i've always been a career-oriented person..and the pay better be worth it, vice versa.

If before i often whine how I end up not being the practicing accountant that I used to desire more than anything, well I grew up. I changed. My views changed.

I am prone to change. Face it, change is inherent.

Though I had all the opportunity to switch lanes but for some reason I did not. I kept driving. I did steal glances to the lane that I should be driving, thinking where would I be now have I followed that road. But something kept me focus; staring forward and beyond...confident that everything will be worth it. There is no turning back now. No more peeking on side mirrors.

And speaking of 'coveted', I have this penchant (lately) for using this adjective prefixed to the word "day(s)". Yay, with S. The mystery behind the constant usage of such word will unravel, eventually.

As T would say (modified by me): a small fish in an ocean sees more, learns more, and gets to swim more compared to a big fish in a pond.

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