Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rm. 422

Though too early to say my farewells, yet might as well divide into parts the things i'll be missing once i go back home. For good.

March of 2006, i became the tenant of room 422. But before that, i used to reside at room 613. My stay at the latter only lasted for 2 months because of a circumstance, like bad karma, in the form of an old crabby Japanese neighbor who (lived next door and) complained that i was too noisy..which was NEVER in the sense of the word 'noise'. To cut the story short, i was asked to leave and transfer to another room, two floors away from 'crabby'.

The room transfer was a burden. I did some cleaning that equates to 4x of my usual cleaning rituals. Packing, unpacking, loading and unloading was awful. I practically spent the whole Saturday doing those...alone! Except for the TV. Knowing my limitation, i pleaded for someone's hand.

The 'room-transfer' turned out as a blessing. I fell in love with the new room in terms of its interior. It has two sliding door windows contrary to the one sliding door window of my previous (and to most rooms in the building). It's a tiny room but i love it. The downside of it though is that because of the two huge windows, it tends to get colder or hotter depending on the season. Nevertheless, i don't see that much of a problem.

However, a new arrangement was introduced by the management. Early last year, all girls were instructed to transfer to another apartment building just near Kasai station. I was hesitant and even after checking my new assigned room only furthered my reluctance to resistance. Therefore, I beg to stay for emotional reasons. Seriously? Yes. I see no good reason to leave. And since it was not compulsory, like limited slots, I remained. The previous 'transfer' experience was a nightmare and definitely, not worth a repeat!

What i like in my current apartment building is its neighboring establishments that supplies to almost anything I well as the convenience I enjoy as i shop for food or essentials without having to exert much effort as to dressing up, hehe.

So here i am, a tenant for 23 months now...and less than 3 months left.

(clockwise from Left) 
The starry ceiling that pretty served useful during in-deep-thought moments; 
     The bed with baby Tigger for company..Wall covered with glow-in-the-dark stars, Hiragana charts & notes, and rarely-used accessories;
Study table-turned-mess station (beauty / hygiene products, documents, books, bags). 
The huge box (TV) is barely used since i don't watch much for reasons other than the language. Though bilingual, i still prefer the internet, hehe

Mind you, these pictures were taken last year of September and that's the neatest look i can achieve. The present scenario ain't picture worthy so bear with me. I just raised havoc and it is now impossible to get things done. Blame it on the cold weather.

I will surely miss this room. It was the sole audience of my happy-sad moments. My private entertainment hub. My home for some time.


alaine said...

mor, i loooove your room. you've made it look and feel so homey na. whereas ako, after 1 year and 6 months... bare pa gihapon ang walls :((

must. have. room. makeover. anyway, id probably be here for another *eep* 2 years...

amor said...

alaine..after 2 years, no doubt your room would look like as if you've been dwelling there since birth, haha..magakadugay, ma-personalized na nimo ang settings (murag pc)..minus lang jud ang hiragana chart sa wall..murag room sa bata, =P

anyway, i'm here until mid-april so murag nanamilit

blanne said...

wow. nindot lage kaayo imo room. ganahan ko sa ceiling ug sa wall.. mga glow-in-the-dark na stars.. hehehe.. :)