Saturday, December 22, 2007

the week in photos

Been very busy. Went to work for 2 days only, and declared holiday on the remaining 3 days. Like i mentioned in my past post, my bosses were kind enough to grant me 'leaves' in spite of the bulk of work i'm currently handling: as a successor of Noel R.'s equipment spare parts work, a new project (w/c until now, remained 'untouched' due to priorities that call for my attention), and 5 additional requisitions, from my primary project, for evaluation. *sigh* Just when I thought I'd be stress-free with work in the holidays.

Monday (12.17.2007)
Tokyo Disneyland

(clockwise from top left) Minnie Mouse; outside TDL; red shiny ball; Mickey and friends

Wednesday (12.19.2007)
Dinner with Noel

(clockwise from top left) our friend Noel treated us to a dinner at Mare Cucina at Ikspiari; red red wine; carbonara spaghetti; salmon

Thursday (12.20.2007)
Shiodome and Odaiba

(clockwise from top left) The famous Miyazaki clock in Shiodome; skycrapers around Shiodome; winter wonderland; Pork Tonkatsu for lunch.

(clockwise from top left) Sunset at Odaiba; T & A; The Rainbow Bridge as seen from Yurikamome Line; The Ishigamis

Friday (12.21.2007)

-went to Yokohama for some sight-seeing, bargain-shopping, and ate delicious steak at Red Steak House. Though the trip lacked enough research, it actually turned out alright.

at Red Steak House in Yokohama

We purchased a 'one-day bus and subway ticket' (so it was more convenient compared to the previous Yokohama trips I had, and it proved less costly).

(clockwise from top left) Yokohama skyline as seen from Yokohama View Point; our feet; Yokohama at night; it's 7:12pm!

It's 4 days to go before Christmas day!!! and another reason that explains my present gratification is my our homecoming this Thursday! Looks like the coming days will in no way be different from the previous week.

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