Thursday, December 13, 2007

warning: stressful schedule ahead

And as usual, my coming December days will be soooo fully booked with activities -- especially now, with bboi spending the holidays here. I practically snub group activities just to give way to our own schedule of tours, fun, gift-shopping, and quality time, hehe.

I am so blessed with kind bosses! They just approved my 3 days leave. Can anything be better than that as a Christmas gift from them?? Now that would give us ample time to explore Tokyo.

Come January. I’d (we'd) be busier that ever! With all those wedding planning, seminars and requirements to fulfill, my (upcoming) Home Leave is entirely different than the previous ones I’ve taken. I reserved my precious days just for those. Definitely no beachcombing (if only I can spare a day for that) Boo! =P

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