Thursday, November 29, 2007

toby + amor

Our acquaintance happened early Spring of 2004, in Tokyo.

Out of necessity, we became friends.

The courtship was fleeting and unexpected. You were so good at concealing your acts, leaving other people clueless…and honestly, that would include me.

Finally, on the late Spring of 2005, we became a couple.

The day after that, our relationship was put to test. Just a day old, it became a long-distance affair. For 1-1/2 months we’ve endured it; from thrice-a-week night phone calls to daily YM text messages, we got to know more of each other.

July 2005. The wait finally came to an end. The next day of my arrival in Cebu, we decided to meet at National Bookstore. Of all places, I dunno why we chose that but I just remembered, I actually suggested the place.

We went to dine in Orchidia. That was unforgettable. To summarize: We both felt awkward. Then not wanting to call it a day, you recommended the now-defunct Kahayag for some late night music.

January 2006. Barely 8 months, I accepted an opportunity for career advancement that requires me to be away for approximately 2 years. Being the gentleman that you always are, you respected my decision. I blamed myself for making this hard for the both of us, especially to you. Still, you comforted me that in patience, faith and love, everything is possible.

May 2006. We celebrated our first anniversary on different locations: I was in Tokyo, you were in Cebu.

December 2006. I went home for the New Year’s. Amidst the bustling crowd in the airport, you were there…smiling, waiting patiently.

July 2007, Boracay. We got engaged. The proposal was not the usual you on-bended knee, holding my hand, and orating some hackneyed speech. It was…unusual. You were (or pretending to be) sleeping, while I was watching some old classic Tagalog movie on TV. You woke up and gave me a tiny box and right then, I knew what it meant. *blush*
the ring

Fast forward to 4 months. At present, we are sooo busy with the preparations. I never thought that wedding planning requires a lot, and is such a hassle, yet exciting.

Never did I think that our love would reach this far. If I were to do it all-over again, I would still opt for what we went through. Have I chosen the easier way, the outcome might be different or much better; yet the overwhelming experience we had is all worth it. Love indeed, knows no distance. God conspired for this to happen and allowed us to tread to this course, on the way for true love.

The future is vague, scary and undeniably unpredictable. But the mystery it entails excites me more knowing that I’ll be facing it with you.


shiera said...

This is really sweet...
congratulations! and enjoy the preparations :)

gloridel said...

hala congrats gyud...

amor said...

@shiera & @gloridel, thanks!