Thursday, November 15, 2007

Disturbing behavior

Last Tuesday evening, the Batasan Complex (the Philippines’ Lower House) was allegedly bombed that caused an explosion on the building’s south wing. I first read that alarming news through a forum and all I can think of is on how people resort to bombing (or violence) just to be heard. In anyway, it is NOT helping us Filipinos but dragging us to the opposite end of progression.

As much as I try to brush off bad news (especially, concerning my dear ‘Pinas), I can’t help but be worried. It affects me. First, there was the Glorietta explosion, which was ruled out as caused by the accumulation of methane gas on the mall's septic tank, then came this. When things such as these that you believe to happen only in movies come to reality --- is shocking. Terror-themed movies appalled us, what more with real life situations?

Now that makes me feel more paranoid that even the most secured places, the ruthless can penetrate.

I know it’s too early for me to presume conclusions as to the cause. The possible reasons are many. But judging from the series of events prior, one can’t exclude malice as a possibility.

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Anonymous said...

lets go to the beach, it would be THE place nobody would bomb :D