Wednesday, September 12, 2007

after 6 years

The verdict. Plunder = GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt. Perjury = dismissed.

Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada finally faced his fate: life imprisonment (hopefully, with no special treatment regardless of the fact that he once occupied the highest position of our country). I bet he's glad that death penalty is no longer of effect.

Early 2001, was the year when the 'jueteng' issue broke loose through one of his ex-crony, Chavit Singson. Succeeding evidences and witnesses surfaced until the Filipinos had enough. The whole Philippines was a mess. Some rallied for Erap's ouster in Malacañan, while some remained loyal to their idol. I took my part, together with my friends and schoolmates, in Fuente Osmeña rotunda to show support for him to step down. The impeachment case reigned for almost a month (or more) over primetime TV. Rosalinda (then hit telenovela of Thalia) and those soaps were moved way behind original schedule, to make way for the live coverage of the case. Yet i must say, the impeachment was a hell better telenovela. It is then I got to see the 'real' scenario of a senate session with the law-making officers yawning, exchanging witty (and some illogical) debate and texting while at it. Watching the impeachment on TV was like getting to know the very people we put into office. You would find that some are indeed smart and some are arrogant wannabes, throwing unnecessary irrelevant statements.

The case brought chaos. People were getting hysterical after campaigns for Erap's ouster was massively supported by schools and various organizations. A clamor for revolution...and I was a witness and became a tiny part of history.

With all the accusations made against him, and the corroborating evidence presented, for years, in the Sandigangbayan, I don't think that not a single(if not all) is(are) true, contrary to what he claims. Judging on his prominence and influence, I thought he would be acquitted for all charges...and I even thought this case was long buried to oblivion...but Justice proved this wrong.

Money is no question, the root of all evil. Knowing these people have more than enough to sustain for the rest of their lives, and the lives of their numerous amours, yet, they can't be just satisfied with the wealth they're enjoying that most of us don't and will never have. I think all past and the incumbent administrations do have their own share of anomalies and corruption yet they are probably good at hiding them.

Wish to hear no more of this issue. Whatever petition he's planning at the SC will only reap him nothing. Well, it is his right..let him waste his time. Hope this case will serve as an example for those current (and future) plundering officials.
P.S. i hate the way whenever he tries to get sympathy from what he called 'masses' (which I'm one of) in his interviews. He is creating further gap between people.

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